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Publishing Center "Udmurt University"

Editorial Department of the Publishing Centre::
educational building №4, room. 207 
tel. / fax: +7 3412 500 295 
e-mail: editorial@udsu.ru
Director Julia V. Korobeynikova

Editorial Department of the journal "The Bulletin of Udmurt State University":
educational building №4, room. 208 
tel. / fax: +7 3412 500 295 
e-mail: moro@uni.udm.ru
Technical editor Sergey G. Morozov

Editorial Department of the journal "Yearbook of Finno-Ugric Studies":
educational building №6, room 002 , house 1, Universitetskaya str., Izhevsk 426304, Russia
tel. / fax: + 7 3412 916 235
e-mail: rvkir@mail.ru
Executive secretary Roza V. Kirillova

Printing House of the Publishing Centre:
educational building №2, room. 101 
tel .: +7 3412 685718 
e-mail: tup@udsu.ru
Director Raviya R. Ismagilova

The Publishing Centre "Udmurt University" was formed in July 2015 according to the university optimization program after reorganizing of the Publishing House "Udmurt University" which was established April 28, 2009. The Publishing Centre comprises the Editorial Board of the Publishing Centre, the Editorial Board of the journals "The Bulletin of Udmurt State University" and «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric Studies», the department of technical translation and the Printing House.

The main objective of the Publishing Centre is to provide quality maintenance of educational activities, namely, to publish employees’ scientific papers, to arrange consultations for authors on all related issues, to cooperate with the Russian Book Chamber and the Russian resources for Science Citation.