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Journal authors' rules and rules of reviewing articles submitted

Submission of a manuscript for publication in the journal «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies» is transferred to the Publisher with the transfer of exclusive rights to use the work (in traditional and electronic versions of individual issues of the Journal), published in electronic libraries and databases to disseminate information about the Journal and its authors, to improve citation during the entire period of the publication of the journal «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies» in all countries. By signing a contract the authors give their consent to the use of the paper in the press. The authors guarantee that their paper is an original work, and they have the exclusive author’s rights to it.

Articles may not be reproduced (in whole) without the prior written consent of the Publisher, except in cases justified by the objectives of citation. When citing, it is necessary to refer to the source of the publication - «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies».

A manuscript is registered when the executive secretary of a Series receives it. The following attachments are enclosed with a manuscript:
a) an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department (or other academic unit of the university (a research organization)) on the work approbation;
b) the recommendation of a doctor of sciences whose scientific specialty or a list of scientific papers is relevant to a scientific line of an article.

After reviewing, in the presence of some comments the manuscript is sent to the author (s) for revision. The author(s) should return the modified version of the article to the Editor together with the original copy not later than one week after receiving comments. If the manuscript is not returned by the author to the editorial board by the end of this period, or if more than two revisions are necessary then the original date of the manuscript registration is canceled. The date of receipt shall be the date of receipt of the final version of the article.

Requirements for manuscripts

Reference list preparation guideline

Rules of reviewing articles submitted to the journal the «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies»

  1. The peer review process was introduced to select quality scientific articles for publication in the journal «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies» on the results of the objective assessment of their scientific content.

  2. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are forwarded for peer review to one of the members of the Editorial Board or to an independent expert recommended by Editorial Board member according to the profile of research.

  3. Review is compulsory as it is considered to be the main document of evaluation which the Editorial Board performs to determine whether the paper submitted is relevant to the thematic focus of the journal.

  4. The review process is carried out in two ways:
    - internal peer review is conducted by members of an expert group which consists of researchers and teachers of Udmurt State University and Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature;
    - external peer review is performed by scientists of relevant departments of higher educational and academic institutions.

  5. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent out for peer review are the authors’ intellectual property and can not be subjected to disclosure. The peer review is conducted in compliance with the confidentiality. The authors of the papers under review can read the reviews if they disagree with the reviewers’ conclusions.

  6. Collective or individual reviews which recommend publishing articles in the journal, should be signed by the authors, signature certified and should bear seals. The printed and electronic versions of the reviews should be delivered to the Editorial Department.

  7. The review should address the following issues:
    a) the substantiation of the topicality of the research topic;
    b) the adequacy of the research methodology and hypothesis of the study;
    c) concordance between the results and conclusions;
    d) text coherence and readability, visual aids (tables, charts, and figures);
    e) the manuscripts’ compliance with the journal requirements for scientific articles

  8. If the reviewer points to the need to make certain article corrections, the article is sent to the author for revision. In that case the date of receipt of a manuscript is the date when the revised version is submitted.

  9. Decision, based on the received reviews, to accept the manuscript for publication is made by the Editorial Board.

  10. Original reviews are kept in the Editorial Department within five years and can be sent to the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon the request.

Chief Editor of «Yearbook of Finno-Ugric studies» Alexey E. Zagrebin